Dear our great teammates!

Today we would like to send you an important announcement about our new era.

FxTradingMarkets Organization has been built by the strength, contribution, will, belief of all of you. We, who only put a little effort into placing the first bricks, are very proud to be with you, who are wonderful and talented teammates. We cannot imagine how fortunate we were to be with the most talented people and teams we have ever known.

We are honored to inform you that from this moment, time will begin to count down, you will join us in owning this company. Shortly, FxTradingMarkets will be put on the global Blockchain system, which means nothing can change the greatness of our Organization that we have built together.

Many conspiracies distort and overthrow the empires created, but we will get through as well as nothing can crush or shake the will of those wonderful and talented people like you.

From the moment you read these words, the relationship between you and us is over. From now on, there will be no longer "You" and "Us" but only one "We - We Together".

You will be proud of this plan, which we will call MY COMPANY. Below are just a few of the revolutionary changes in a very short time:

- FXT will become the official token on the ERC-20 Ethereum platform.

- FXT will be listed on the leading European exchange and officially become an international and recognized token.

- We will equitize FxTradingMarkets in the form of BlockChain, and each FXT owner will become an official shareholder of FxTradingMarkets. You will receive a weekly return based on the results of our company's business. We will have a specific report on this plan shortly before launch.

The foregoing means that FxTradingMarkets will become your company. All decisions about the Platform operation will be reported, approved, voted on, and the majority will determine the future of FxTradingMarkets. .

Becoming a Financial Trading Platform on BlockChain has been a target from the first days of the Organization's inception. What a big day today we are when we are notified to our Shareholders: that future is being formed and the time has come.



Let's welcome a new era together!

Best regards,

Your Team


For transactions that predict exchange rates will carry a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose part or all of your investment. Therefore, you should not invest the full amount without the knowledge and experience to do so.

Contact the person who introduced you to us for detailed guidance on the application process and effective capital management strategy.